Conservation Department


Conservation Department


Why ?

  • Is formed to serve
  • the specialized conservation needs
  • of large institutions, small museums, private clients, family inheritances

What will we do?

A Complete Flexible service:

We offer a wide range of expert services in the field of heritage conservation and can provide personalized services to meet specific requirements:-

  • Examination and Condition surveys for collections
  • Diagnosis and Treatment plans
  • Preventive Conservation
  • Curative Conservation
  • Aesthetic Restoration
  • Archival storage Solutions

Expertise of Conservation department

  • Historical documents, prints, drawings, maps, letters, photographs etc.
  • Antique and Rare books
  • Manuscripts and archival materials
  • Specially a paper Conservation Laboratory

Services Offered

  • Scientific Documentation
  • Conservation and Preservation
  • Art Restoration
  • Archives Storage and climate control techniques for manuscripts and archival collections
  • AMC’s for research libraries and archives collection