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The All India Oriental Conference

The All India Oriental Conference (AIOC) was founded in 1918 by the founders of the BORI with a pan Indian dialogue of Indological scholars in view. The AIOC is a biennial Conference with 43 sessions completed so far. The sessions have taken their occasions in all parts and in the cities most renowned as the centres for Sanskrit studies and Oriental Study in general, in India. 39 volumes of the Proceedings of the AIOC have been published over the years.

The AIOC is not only a place where traditional Indian knowledge is praised. In fact it is a forum that practically examines the actual relevance of the traditional knowledge. The scholars also contribute new ideas and new interpretations of the old ones. It also provides a platform for the budding students and scholars to present their research problems and ideas in front of the stalwarts and extends a welcome opportunity to seek guidance from the well known traditional Pandits and the most modernistic researchers.

The Pandit Parishad is a cherished part of the AIOC. It is a scholarly discussion among Pandits who have learned the lore in the traditional manner. The whole Pandit Parishad is conducted in the Scientific Sanskrit Language. Pandits from all over India deliberate over age old concepts and their traditional and modern interpretations. The Pandits keenly await and participate in this dialogue.

The membership of the AIOC is of two types:
(1) Session-specific Membership and
(2) Life-Membership. Members are accepted as and when the session-bulletins are released. Membership fees are revised and announced in the same.