Ancient Maharashtra : Culture and History


Ancient Maharashtra : Culture and History

About the Course – 

We came up with a unique course on “Ancient Maharashtra : Culture and History”   being conducted by the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute in collaboration with Heritage India Communications Pvt Ltd and Nyansa.

Maharashtra – a land of unlimited treasures. Sprawling across three lakh square kilometers, a region of remarkable diversity, the financial and entertainment capital and the third largest State of the country. Maharashtra has experienced continued growth through centuries to become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. Yet do we really know of what went into making this state the Maha-Rashtra it is? Let us together embark on a journey of discovery and exploration to where it all began. The Course on Ancient Maharashtra will encompass diverse aspects about this region starting somewhere in the stone ages till approximately the 12th century CE. The sessions will be presented by prominent scholars.


Sessions – 

Module 1

  • Geographical background of Maharashtra
  • Prehistoric Maharashtra
  • Early Farming Communities in Maharashtra
  • Disposal of the Dead among the Early Agro-pastoral Communities
  • Megalithic –Early Iron Age in Maharashtra
  • Overview of Dynasties in Ancient Maharashtra
  • Early Historic Archaeology of Maharashtra
  • Indo-Roman Trade and Maharashtra
  • Buddhist Religious Tradition in Maharashtra
  • Buddhist Art and Architecture
  • Vakataka Age in Maharashtra
  • Early Epigraphical records

Module 2

  • Coinage of Ancient Maharashtra
  • Hindu art and Architecture in Maharashtra
  • Jain Religious Tradition in Maharashtra
  • Jain Art and Architecture in Maharashtra
  • Hindu Religious Traditions of Maharashtra (Shaiva, Shakta, Ganapatya, Vaishnava, Nath, Mahanubhava)
  • Maharashtra as seen through the Later Epigraphical records
  • Painting Traditions in Ancient Maharashtra
  • Origin and development of Dattatrya worship
  • Bhakti movement in Maharashtra: Warkari sampradaya
  • Folk deities of Maharashtra

Date – To be announced soon

Language – English

Eligibility – 18 and above

Fee –  

Module 1 – 2500 INR or 35 USD

Module 2 – 2500 INR or 35 USD

Entire Course – 4000 INR or 60 USD

What will you get? 

-Participation Certificate

-Live Q & A

Course design by – Bhadarkar Oriental Research Institute and Heritage India Communications Pvt Ltd

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