18 Parvans of Mahabharata : Introduction to an incredible epic


18 Parvans of Mahabharata : Introduction to an incredible epic

About Course –

The grand epic of Mahabharata is one of the foundational heritages of India. The institute’s work on the Mahabharata is a vital aspect of our legacy.

The “Critical Edition of Mahabharata” published by the Bhandarkar Institute was a monumental project that lasted for 48 years – from 1919 to 1966. After a rigorous examination of around 800 manuscripts from various eras, the 19 volumes of the critical edition were published. Since 1986, the institute has been working on the “Cultural Index of Mahabharata”, which catalogs people, places, and objects mentioned in the epic.

On this backdrop, we are delighted to launch the first-ever online course on Mahabharata that introduces the epic through the exposition of the 18 Parvans (books) of the Mahabharata. We have completed five batches of this course.

The course will provide insights into the contents of the epic. It will be based on the “Critical Edition”, which is globally renowned as the benchmark when it comes to the textual study of Mahabharata.


  1. Adi-Parvan
  2. Sabha-Parvan
  3. Aranyaka-Parvan
  4. Virata-Parvan
  5. Udyoga-Parvan
  6. Bhishma-Parvan
  7. Drona-Parvan
  8. Karna-Parvan
  9. Shalya-Parvan
  10. Sauptika-Parvan
  11. Stri-Parvan,
  12. Shanti-Parvan
  13. Anushasana-Parvan
  14. Ashvamedhika-Parvan, Ashramavasika Parvan,
  15. Mausala-Parvan, Mahaprasthanika-Parvan, Svargarohana-Parvan

Date – To be announced soon (You can pre-register your details here)

Language – English

Eligibility – 18 and above

Fee – 2400 INR

What will you get? 

-Participation Certificate

-Live Q & A

-3 supplementary videos –

  1. A lecture by Dr.Bibek Debroy,
  2. Sessions on
    the Critical Edition and
  3. the Geography of Mahabharata


Course design by – Dr. Gauri Moghe

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