Introduction to Indian Heritage


Introduction to Indian Heritage

About the course – 

We first time introduced the Introduction to Indian Heritage course in April 2020 with Heritage of India. It was our first online course. From Vedas to food and from religions to medicine; this 360-degree course encompasses the cultural, literary, scientific, and natural heritage of the Indian civilization.

Sessions –

1)      What is heritage? Its classification, importance and relevance today

2)      Sources of heritage

3)      Natural Heritage – overview

4)      History of India (Political, Cultural, Religious)

5)      Literature

6)      Art & Architecture

7)      Religion

8)      Science, Maths, Medicine, Food


Date – To be announced soon

Language – English

Eligibility – 18 and above

Fee – 3000 INR

What will you get? 

-Participation Certificate

-Live Q & A

Course design by – Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute and Heritage India

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