Introduction to Vedas


Introduction to Vedas

About the Course – 

It is a series of 18 lectures: 1 opening session, 5 lectures on Rigveda, lectures on Yajurveda and Samveda each, 5 lectures on Atharvaveda, and 1 concluding session.The course is extremely diverse in nature. The lectures on Rigveda and Yajurveda revolve around literary tradition, religious and ritualistic elements, and philosophical aspects. The Samveda module delves into ritualistic aspects, and it also explores the possible parallels between Saamgan (orthodox singing of Samaveda) and Indian classical music. The Atharvaveda module is very interesting. It looks at ritualistic and tantrik elements (magic and black magic), origins of Ayurveda, and also the society that existed during the time.This series of lectures will show how Vedas have played an important role in the socio-religious traditions of India and how they have influenced the ways of thinking of Indian people.

Sessions – 

  1. Introduction to Vedic Literature
  2. Introduction to Rigveda
  3. Selections from Rigveda
  4. History of Vedic Interpretations
  5. Mythology of the Rigveda
  6. Dialogue hymns, philosophical hymns and secular hymns
  7. Introduction to Atharvaveda
  8. Life in the Vedic Age as depicted in the Atharvaveda
  9. Health, Diseases, and Medicine in the Atharvaveda
  10. Political and Philosophical Thought in the Atharvaveda
  11. Sorcery and Witchcraft in the Atharvaveda
  12. Introduction to Yajurveda
  13. Arrangement and Content of the Yajurveda Samhitas
  14. Some well-known Vedic sacrifices
  15. Introduction to Samaveda
  16. Essentials of Samaveda (Part 1)
  17. Essentials of Samaveda (Part 2)
  18. Concluding Remarks (covering remarks on all four Vedas)


Date – To be announced soon

Language – English

Eligibility – 18 and above

Fee – 3000 INR

What will you get? 

-Reading Material

-Participation Certificate

-Live Q & A

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