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Dr. R. N. Dandekar Library

The BORI Library, recently named after the legendary Dr. R. N. Dandekar, is internationally recognized as a specialized library in the field of Orientology. It is a home to above 1,25,000 handpicked books pertaining to all the aspects of Oriental Studies. About 20,000 of the books are quite rare to find the world over.

Books in over 25 Indian and European languages are housed here. Prominent languages among them are Sanskrit, Pali, different Prakrits, Hindi, Marathi, English, French, German etc. The chronological range of the books spans over the early days of printing till date are available for the benefit of scholars.

The library was founded with a valuable personal collection of about 2200 books donated by Sir Ramakrishna Gopal Bhandarkar himself. Stalwarts of the likes of P. K. Gode, A. D. Pusalkar, S. V. Sohoni, R. N. Dandekar, P. V. Bapat and P. L. Vaidya have donated their personal collections to the library. Volumes of esteemed national and international journals are procured in exchange with the Annals.

Today around 2,500 scholars and students visit the institute per year seeking references for their graduate, post - graduate, doctoral and post doctoral research projects.

The books are accessible to scholars at membership. Membership Details are as follows

Type of Membership Fee Rs. Caution Money
(Refundable) Rs.
Issue of books
outside the library
Weekly 50:00 Nil Not available
Monthly 100:00 Nil Not available
Yearly 500:00 500:00 1 book at a time
Membership of the Institute     3 books at a time

As of date books can be accessed through two types of indices viz; Author Index and Title Index. However a complete digitization of the Library is planned as a priority in the immediate future.

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