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Our Goals

Goals to Achieve

The Institute, with its solid foundation in magnanimous contributions to Oriental Research and with the help of its scholarly infrastructure of the present day, aspires for goals still higher!

The steps there to run through the following

  • Development of Digital Library for Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute (BORI).
  • Preservation and protection of the content of rare books and manuscripts and archives of the Mahabharata and Prakrit Dictionary.
  • World wide access on Internet
  • National and international collaborative oriental research.
  • State of the art computer & networking infrastructure for creating and accessing the digital library.
  • Automation of library management system.
  • Creation of on-line catalog of books & manuscripts for web access.
  • Digitization of rare books and manuscripts.
  • Digital Database of the cultural index of the Critical Edition of Mahabharata.
  • Digital Database of the Comprehensive and Critical Prakrit Dictionary.
  • Virtual Museum of Manuscripts, Photographs and Artefacts
  • Development of computation research tools such as Advanced Multilingual Search, Study of occurrences, Sanskrit and Prakrit dictionaries, ontological research etc.
  • Interactive Digital Portal for content, communications, collaboration and commerce.

With a vision thus empowered by the new age experience and the modern technology, the Institute aims at revitalization of Oriental Scholarship par excellence.