The Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute  

The Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute

812, Shivajinagar, Chiplunkar Road, (ILS Law College Road,) Pune 411004, India.
Centenary Year 2016-2017
Plunging into new depths of research,
Soaring to new heights of glory...
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     The Emblem
The BORI emblem is in every way the perfect symbol of the objectives and the scholastic tradition of the Institute. The simple handmade sketch with elegant ornamentation is an inspiration to Indological scholars all over the world!

The three ornamented letters 'B-O-R' are seen interlinked. They are the initials of the words 'Bhandarkar Oriental Research' which form the very name of the Institute.

The letter 'O' is oversized and encompasses a sketch of the sun rising from the Ocean which symbolizes the 'East' or the Orient. It conveys the mission of the Institute to enlighten the World about the knowledge generated in the East, especially, India.

At the top, the word Institute is aligned internally to 'O' and the city name POONA appears below it. The foundation year 1917 is mentioned below the sketch.

An ornamented banner bearing the Devanagari letters ‘॥तेजस्वि नावधीतमस्तु॥’ unfolds right at the bottom. The popular Vedic chant ‘॥तेजस्वि नावधीतमस्तु॥’ is an age old prayer, made in all serenity, by the community of teachers in unison with the students wishing - "May our learning-together be splendid!". It is significant of the vow that the Gurus of Indology had assumed while establishing the Institute.

The times, the technology, the spelling of the city name.. they have all changed but the emblem, an intrinsic identity of the Institute, a souvenir of the glorious tradition of about nine decades, proudly stands unaltered for the generations of scholars to come...