The Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute
812, Shivajinagar, Chiplunkar Road, (ILS Law College Road,) Pune 411004, India.
Centenary Year 2016-2017
Plunging into new depths of research,
Soaring to new heights of glory...
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Series of publications
  1. The Annals (92 Volumes till date)
  2. Bombay Sanskrit and Prakrit Series
  3. Govt. Oriental Series
  4. Bhandarkar Oriental Series
  5. Post-Graduate and Research Dept. Publications
  6. Research Unit Publications
  7. Proceedings of the AIOC (39 Volumes till date)
  8. Miscellaneous Publications
Important publication till date
  1. Critical Edition of the Mahabharata (19 Volumes)
  2. Critical Edition of the Harivamsha (3 Volumes)
  3. Pratika Index (2 Volumes)
  4. Critically constituted text of Mahabharata and Harivamsha
  5. Mahabharata : Cultural Index (2 Volumes)
  6. The Vedic Bibliography edited by Dr. R. N. Dandekar
  7. Descriptive Catalogues of manuscripts in the Govt. manuscripts library of the BORI
  8. The Critical and Comprehensive Dictionary of the Prakrit Languages on Historical Principles (Vol. 1 to Vol. 5, fascicule 4)
  9. The Collected Works of R. G. Bhandarkar (4 Vol.)
  10. History of Dharmashastra by P. V. Kane (5 Vol; 6,884 pages)
  11. The Vyakaranamahabhashya of Patanjali edited by Kielhorn
  12. The Paribhashendushekhara of Nagojibhatta edited by Kielhorn
  13. Shribhashya of ramanuja edited by Vasudevshastri Abhyankar
  14. Sarvadarshanasamgraha of Sayana Madhava edited by Vasudevshastri Abhyankar
  15. Prakrit Grammar of Hemachandra edited by P. L. Vaidya
  16. Tarikh-i-Sind edited by U. M. Daudpota
  17. The Paribhashasamgraha by K. V. Abhyankar
  18. Devanagari Editions of the Dhammasangani and the Atthasalini by P. V. Bapat and R. D. Wadekar
  19. Jinaratnakosha edited by H. D. Velankar
  20. Shan Chien-P'i P'o-sha by P. V. Bapat and A. Hirakawa
  21. Paryusanakalpasutra, Edited by Prof. M. K. Dhavalikar and Dr. S. L. Bapat
  22. Agnistoma : Complete Description of the Normal Form of Soma Sacrifice translated by Prof. G. U. Thite and Shree Daptardar-Kelkar from the original French work by W. Caland and V. Henry.