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     Dictionary of the Prakrit Languages
Prakrits, called the "Middle Indo - Aryan Languages", true to their name, are the link between the so called "Old Indo - Aryan Languages" i.e. the ancient Indian languages and the "New Indo - Aryan Languages" i.e. modern Indian languages. They were the common parlance of people in their respective ages and a few Prakrits like the Ardhamagadhi, Maharashtri etc. enjoyed the status of preaching language of Jainism.

Inaugurated on the 23rd February 1988 at the hands of the late R. Venkataraman, The President of India, The Prakrit Dictionary heads at preparation of a dictionary of all the six Prakrit languages of ancient India. It tries to trace the development of the Prakrits and their daughter languages through the study of lexemes.

Under the able leadership of the General Editors, the late Prof. A. M. Ghatage (1988 to 2004) and Dr. R. P. Poddar (since 2004 to 2016), 5 volumes of The Prakrit Dictionary comprising 2100 pages (demi-quarto size) have been published. These contain about 55,000 lexemes covering all the vowels. From 2016 to 2018, Dr. K. K. Jain and Dr. Nalini Joshi headed two separate teams as General Editors, working at the BORI and Sanmati Tirtha respectively. Since 2018, the project is solely run by the Sanmati Tirtha team. 7 volumes have been published so far and the work of 8th volume is making a good progress.

The Prakrit Dictionary is proposed to contain about 90000 entries in total referring to about 450 texts. The source material for this gigantic dictionary has been collected in an archive of over 600000 reference slips.

The details of the material are as follows
(1) Scriptorium : 6,00,000+ slips ( subject to extension up to 10,00,000 )
(2) Reference Texts : 450+
(3) Departmental Library : 1000+ ( 300000 + pages; many of the books are old and rare )