The Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute  

The Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute

812, Shivajinagar, Chiplunkar Road, (ILS Law College Road,) Pune 411004, India.
Centenary Year 2016-2017
Plunging into new depths of research,
Soaring to new heights of glory...
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The Institute shall be devoted to the carrying out of the following objects
  • To place within the easy reach of advanced students of research a first class and up to date Oriental library, and to afford them all other ready made helps in the way of select topical Bibliographies, digests of magazine articles, Card Indexes, Electronic Media and similar critical material.

  • To train qualified students in the scientific methods of research by opening postgraduate classes, founding lectureships and in time, preparing students for higher degrees in research.

  • To place indigenous learning of the Shastris upon a broader and sounder basis by making the necessary and suitable arrangements for their guidance and training.

  • To undertake and publish with the co-operation of various scholars, critical editions of texts as also original and independent works of historical nature bearing upon Oriental Studies including Journals, Proceedings, Catalogues, Reports and Occasional Studies.

  • To act as a bureau for literary advice and information on all points connected with Oriental Studies in general.

  • And to plan and carry out all other projects not inconsistent with the foregoing and calculated to help the promulgation of Oriental Studies in general.
( The Objects of the Institute / Rule 2 / Page 1 of "Rules and By-Laws of the BORI" )
In other words, as a life's mission BORI has assumed the vow of
  1. Facilitating students of Orientology,
  2. Enriching the quality of Oriental Research,
  3. Carrying the Ancient Oriental Wisdom for the knowledge, use and enlightenment of the generations to come.
and the community of Oriental scholars related in whichever way to the BORI strives hard to realize the perpetual mission of the Visionaries of yesteryears...